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Short-Term Drug Rehab in Prescott, Arizona

Short-term drug rehab in Prescott is really a restricted rehabilitation option which might not offer the benefits addicts and their loved ones are hoping for when they enter in treatment. Short-term usually means the person will stay in treatment for four weeks or fewer, which can restrict rehabilitation to such a degree that rehab clients may only be capable of come off of drugs and become stable physically before they leave. This leaves not much time for clients in the short-term drug and alcohol rehab centers in Prescott, Arizona to cope with the extremely crucial concerns which are the key to becoming clean for good. Real rehab has hardly anything to do with conquering withdrawal and getting physically stabilized, and far more to do with examining one's life and oneself and determining what must be handled in one's life and environment so that a clean life in the future is possible. Revelations like this may not take place immediately, and could take weeks if not months to bring into perspective.

So short-term rehabilitation programs usually only brush over what truly should be handled, and folks fare far better in long-term centers in Prescott, AZ. which let them experience a much more comprehensive rehab experience. So while short-term drug rehab in Prescott can seem to be ideal to both treatment clients and their families, it is advisable to invest one's time and money in a facility that may ensure they are able to stay sober once they go back home and every one of their initiatives in rehabilitation will be fruitful in the long term.

  • West Yavapai Guidance Clinic
    642 Dameron Drive Prescott, AZ. 86301
    (928) 445-5211

    West Yavapai Guidance Clinic provides these treatment services: Drug Detox, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Outpatient Drug Rehab, Day Treatment, Short-Term Drug Rehab, Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab, Dui/Dwi Offenders, Asl Or Other Assistance For Hearing Impaired

    Payment Types: Self Pay, State Financed Insurance, Sliding Fee Scale